When is Procrastination Really A Breakthrough To Inspiration?

Could Procrastination Actually Be A Breakthrough?

Have you ever experienced a deep desire to suddenly stop everything you’re doing to be doing something else and wondered why? I know I have. In fact I had that very experience again today.

All of a sudden I had this intense desire to sit and write, when I knew I needed to be taking care of several important tasks for my business. Having overslept and found that my personal assistant couldn’t come today, in addition to being on call for Jury Duty, this seemed like another distraction I really didn’t need, especially today.

I wondered, why am I procrastinating again? Am I feeling overwhelmed? Am I that much in need of giving myself some play time to rejuvenate? Have I been so woefully neglecting my physical and spiritual needs in order to get things done? What should I do? Should I give in and go with the flow, or should I push past this temporary inability to focus on the tasks at hand?

Truth be told, it’s a little bit of procrastination (I now have to do several things I’d planned on having my assistant do) and a little bit of the need to recharge physically and spiritually.

now later procrastination with frameBut even more so, it’s the deeper call to follow my heart and nurture my soul on a daily basis — the very reason I quit my job and started my business— to follow my passions and live a soul- fulfilling life doing what I love, which for me is speaking, writing, coaching, traveling, and taking time to just be.

Even when we love our work and our path in life, we can get so involved in the doing that we often forget about being — about nurturing the parts of us that make life pleasurable, meaningful, and fulfilling.

As you’ve probably guessed, I chose to go with the flow. I gave in to the call from within — the call from my heart and soul. I chose to take a couple of hours to meditate, stretch, have a cup of tea, and write this blog post. And though it seemed a luxury that would cause me to accomplish less, it turned out to be a brilliant move.

Giving myself the time to love and honor myself — physically and spiritually — not only recharged my batteries, but it also inspired this blog, a new talk, and got me into focused and decisive action.

So whenever you find yourself procrastinating, or deeply desiring to do something other than you’d planned, take a deeper look into the desires of your heart and soul.

Discover whether you’ve been neglecting your fundamental physical and spiritual needs. Discover if the task means you must stretch — to step outside of your comfort zone to live a grander life. Discover whether you should even be doing the task at all. Most of all, if you’re

When Is Procrastination Really A Breakthrough To Inspiration? – 7/3/14, 3:38 PM / 2

having trouble moving forward and getting into action, then take a few minutes to just be.

Give yourself the loving gift of just being — be still and quiet, tuning in to the intuitive whisper’s from within. Hear their call. Then follow through on that call, doing whatever healthy, adventurous, or pleasurable activity you are compelled to pursue, even if only for a few minutes.

In those few loving moments you are sure to find the inspiration and motivation you need to move forward. By taking a soul nurturing break, the task will no longer feel so dreadful. If you find you still dread the task, see if it can be ditched, delegated, or delayed. If not, link the task to your big why — the underlying why that has caused it to be on your plate to begin with.

Discovering how the task helps you to accomplish your goal and live your why — hopefully your passion — makes the task less of a chore. It then becomes a necessary means to meaning and fulfillment, one that you will gladly accept to live your dream, because the alternative is totally unacceptable.

But hey, if it must be done and you really don’t enjoy it, find someone who does. That way it gets done and you never need procrastinate over that particular task.

So, is it really procrastination you’re experiencing? I find that as long as the task I’m procrastinating over has a direct link to my living my soul’s true path, it’s almost always an invitation to open myself to a breakthrough in inspiration.

Heed your own calls. Doors you never imagined will begin to open if you give yourself permission to just be — to freely explore the urges of your heart and soul.

Turn your procrastination into inspiration. You’ll be a whole lot freer and waste much less time feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and beating yourself up.

May you have a terrifically inspiring day.

Love and hugs, Michelle

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