What Are Your Hidden Superpowers?

Ever Thought of Yourself as Having Superpowers? Guess, What? You Do!

I love learning new and exciting things about myself, and as a follower of my blog I’m guessing you love learning new things about yourself, especially when they have the potential to give you an edge and make you more successful in all areas of your life.

As such I felt it was my obligation as a mentor to write this blog and share the exciting information I was recently exposed to, because I truly believe it will help you tap into your unique set of superpowers — superpowers you probably aren’t even aware you possess. Yes, you read that correctly — superpowers you already possess that are just waiting to be tapped. 

Don’t believe you have superpowers? Give me a moment to shed some light.

At a recent mastermind retreat I learned something fascinating about how the world sees YOU — or more accurately me and the other mastermind attendees. Before arriving we were each asked to complete a quiz and bring our resulting reports with us, as they would be both enlightening and relevant to the various activities we would engage in over the course of the 3- day retreat.

Being the curious person I am I excitedly took the quiz and downloaded my report. Upon first glance I was totally surprised and somewhat bewildered, because the resulting label on the cover page of my report didn’t seem to fit me at all. In fact it seemed much bolder and more exciting than I’d ever seen myself, which I’ll clarify momentarily.

Rock Star StatusNow that I’ve hopefully piqued your curiosity, here’s why the label boldly emblazoned on my report totally threw me off. For most of my life I felt somewhat invisible and have generally tended toward the unassuming, which to my mind was a far cry from “The Rockstar” my assessment reported me to be. Yes, my report declared me to be “The Rockstar”. WOW! Not all the result I expected.

To my mind “The Rockstar” just didn’t compute. It seemed so outrageous and completely opposite of invisible and unassuming — like a huge and nearly uncrossable gulf. Needless to say “The Rockstar” was quite the contrast from how I tended to see myself. So much so I wondered if I had inadvertently answered the questions improperly or had been sent the wrong report. However, upon further exploration I realized that the underlying traits and characteristics described me quite accurately, although I was still having trouble owning the “Rockstar” label.

Finally, after repeated feedback from my fellow mastermind participants and a couple of family members, I realized the “Rockstar” label rightly represented a great many of my accomplishments and personal adventures. While the label is admittedly still growing on me, I now believe the quiz to be accurate, and I gratefully acknowledge the many useful insights it has provided me, because I know they will improve my overall effectiveness as I continue on my chosen path.

So how is what I learned relevant to you? It’s relevant because when you discover your personal fascination advantage — aka your personal superpowers — you’ll immediately understand how to more confidently and authentically make a favorable impression on the people in your various circles.

As a result of knowing your fascination advantage (your superpowers), you’ll begin being more of who you really are, thereby putting more and more of your best self forward without fear or hesitation. This in turn will vastly improve all aspects of your life, with a tendency to make you much more successful with much less effort.

To put this in perspective, your personal superpowers, as defined by your personality archetype and primary fascination languages, provide important insights about what makes you most valuable to the various people in your life. In effect, your superpowers illuminate how you are most likely to impress and influence others — be they your friends and family, your coworkers, your boss, or the countless others with which you interact.

Much of what you accomplish in life, and thereby the degree to which you feel fulfilled, is a direct effect of your ability to positively impress and influence others. As a result, knowing specifically how you most effectively impress and influence will increase your success rate as it decreases your required effort.

We are each so much more than we give ourselves credit for. This is especially true when it comes to how we see ourselves and how we believe others see us.

Success is not random. It comes from knowing how to express the best of who we are.

If you’re looking for an edge that will set you apart and allow you to experience more success in your life, take a moment to discover your fascination advantage — your superpowers; i.e., how the world sees you.

According to Sally Hogshead, when we align our goals, actions, and words around the “superpower” aspects of our personality we make the best impressions, thereby allowing us to experience maximum success with minimal effort.

To learn more about your fascination advantage, checkout Sally’s new book, “How The World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through The Science of Fascination”. If you choose to purchase the book, you’ll receive a private code to take the fascination advantage quiz, otherwise you can can purchase the quiz directly at http://www.howtofascinate.com/our- research/Fascination-Advantage-Assessment/. FYI, it’s a better deal to purchase the book (approximately 1/2 price and you receive the book, the quiz, and a personalized fascination assessment report).

In today’s environment it’s crucial to know your value to the world. Knowing your personal fascination advantage will definitely give you a deeper understanding of your value.

To your ultimate success.

Love and hugs, Michelle

P.S. I am not affiliated with Sally Hogshead in any way and do not receive any compensation for suggesting this book or the assessment. I am bringing them to your attention because of the value I feel they provide. It never hurts to have another level of understanding of one’s self and this is a resource that will most definitely provide you with new insights that are sure to accelerate your success.

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