Transformational Trainings

Experience breakthroughs like you've never experienced before.

​Women's Wholeness Connection provides a variety of live, virtual, and home study training programs.

Each style of training has immediately implementable and experiential exercises designed to help you master the material you are learning. Dramatic breakthroughs that last a lifetime are common.

Live trainings are especially experiential and transformational. They offer a safe environment to work hand-in-hand with other like-minded individuals​ and seasoned coaches. In a live training you can often achieve in a few hours to a few days what would otherwise take months to years. An added benefit of the live programs is the lifelong friends you'll make.

​If you're ready to free yourself from the fears, worries, and stresses keeping you stuck in an unfulfilling life, or worse, a life of desperation, make sure to add yourself to our mailing list so you'll get the latest information about when and where our events are being held. Just submit your name and email via the form to the right -- when you do you'll get immediate access to our complimentary 10-day empowerment course, The Magic of Power Questions, so you can begin your transformation today.

Whether you attend a live or virtual workshop you'll be joining with like-minded individuals journeying on the path to wholeness and lasting fulfillment. What better way to experience the most profound and healing transformation of your life -- the transformation that​ leads to living a heart inspired, soul fulfilling life you love.

Join Us to Discover How to Effortlessly Create the Life of Your Dreams!

Here are just a few of the life-enhancing transformations available to you as a result of participating in our trainings. 

  • Making peace with  your  past
  • Healing your wounded heart
  • Reconnecting with your soul
  • Awakening your full potential
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Achieving more of  your goals
  • Adding more fun and joy to your life
  • Loving yourself and your life
  • Alignment of body, mind, and spirit
  • Trusting yourself and your intuition
  • Stepping into your authentic power
  • Living the life of your dreams
  • Making your unique mark on the world through your heart inspired contribution

If you'd like to leave your fears and doubts behind for good, then don't forget to connect with us. There's always something new on the horizon and we'd hate for you to miss out.

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