Your time is NOW.

Today's global environment is one of dramatic change and uncertainty, but it's also one of great transformation and opportunity. Each of us is being guided from within, called if you will, to discover our true self and live a whole and rewarding life full of prosperity, joy, and, abundance.

The HEART Inspired Life™ programs and services are designed to ignite the universal truths that exist within each and every one of us. They work from the inside-out.  Their core functions are to help you quickly 1) heal your wounded heart, 2) meet the real you, and 3) live your life as the fullest and best expression of your true self, so that you may live the life you were born to live.

​Be prepared to be liberated from the self-imposed limitations occurring  as the result of trauma, abuse, and negative conditioning, as well as the dualistic nature of your mind.

Get to know your true self, including the unique gifts, talents, and passions  you are meant to share with the world -- the very essence that makes you feel alive and fulfilled.​

​Discover how to step out into the world being divinely you in all you do -- sharing your gifts as the means for meaningful contribution and lasting fulfillment. 

 The HEART Inspired Life™ Programs and Services  will give you the means to effortlessly create the life of your dreams and more. 

Inspirational Speaking

Michelle McCullar is available to inspire the crowd at your next event! Whether you are a small group of women or a ballroom full of conference attendees, Michelle is sure to educate, inspire, and WOW!

Transformational Trainings

With a range of trainings and workshops to choose from, you're sure to find the program that's right for you. True and lasting transformation begins with the right type of education. Pick the program that best fits your needs and your learning style.

Empowerment Coaching

​Need some personal attention? Individual and group coaching are great ways to catapult your personal growth. Michelle can tailor a coaching program to fit your needs.

Wholeness Community

​Sometimes being a part of a community of strong, empowered, and positive women, who, like you, are also transforming their lives, is exactly what you need.

All of our programs and services are based on the same underlying, transformational technology. Regardless of context or application, they are each designed to liberate you from a life of pain and limitation, align you with your essential truth, and guide you in the cultivation and authentic expression of your deepest desires.

The HEART Inspired Life ™ Programs dive deep, taking you straight to the heart of your truest self and your most heartfelt desires. With these programs you'll quickly move beyond your current world of fear and limitation into a world of peace, joy, and prosperity -- a world where you experience true meaning and lasting fulfillment.

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