How to Experience Happiness Any Time You Want

Life is a journey… and it’s happening now. It’s always happening now. There is only NOW.

The past is over. The future is yet to be — at present, nothing but a dream, a vision.

Again, that phrase… there is only now.

Group jumping for joyI sit here pondering how it is I get so caught up in what was and what will be — all the while missing out on what is.

As I sit here on the patio, enjoying my lunch at a favorite restaurant, I begin to watch and listen to the children laughing and playing as their parents are deeply engrossed in conversation.

I see life happening all around me — people enjoying themselves — completely oblivious to the food they are eating, the waiters coming and going, the cars driving by, the birds singing and flitting about…

It’s fascinating, as I realize I am becoming more and more in tune with the present moment. As I notice the array of expressions and cacophony of conversation I begin to be aware of the various tastes and textures of my food, a hint of coolness in the air – on an otherwise blisteringly warm day, and the surrounding beauty of the many trees in their array of shapes, sizes, and colors.

When I sat down I was much like everyone else, completely oblivious to the moment. But now I have slowed to the pace of life, even if only for a few moments, and it’s glorious.

I now realize how much I’m enjoying my meal. Each bite is a pleasure of tastes and sensations. I feel something welling up within me that at first I find hard to describe — so I sit with it, just enjoying it as I revel in the feeling — and then it hits me… I’m in tune with life — connected to the fabric of the universe — loving the moment that is.

This is brilliant. I feel so alive, so happy. My body is tingling with excitement. About what I’m not sure, but who cares. I go with it, deciding to see if I can continue this way of being for the rest of the day.

Later I come to realize how free and energized I felt throughout the day as I went about my various activities — activities that I’m typically less than enthusiastic about performing. Yet today I find that I’ve been highly productive and extremely happy, enjoying the moment, regardless of what I was doing.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had such an experience, yet I know there is a lesson that I’m meant to learn. Ah yes, make living in the moment, being totally present to what is a conscious and regular practice – not just a now and again occurrence of chance.

Looking back on previous such experiences I’m reminded of the immense peace, joy, and productivity that has always come with these episodes of greater connection and awareness. No matter what I was doing I found great pleasure, even in the midst of typically undesirable tasks. When I was totally present to the moment I’d flow through them with ease.

This is life. The moment that is. Connect with it. Enjoy it. Be one with it.

When you do you’ll experience more peace, happiness, and pleasure than you ever dreamed possible, even when tackling those less than desirable tasks you’d otherwise put off or groan about as you forced yourself to deal with them .

If you have trouble being in the moment then follow this simple formula:

  1. Stop what you are doing
  2. Focus entirely on your breathing, taking deep cleansing breaths, until you feel calm and centered
  3. Take a few minutes and go for a walk, or minimally spend time in a peaceful and serene place of natural beauty, tuning in to your surroundings by
    • ⁃  Moving more slowly
    • ⁃  Taking in the beauty of the trees, flowers, children playing…
    • ⁃  Feeling the breeze on your skin
    • ⁃  Noticing the colors and textures, sights and sounds
    • ⁃  Hearing the birds singing
    • ⁃  Noticing your neighbor’s landscaping
    • ⁃  Feeling your body moving — happy to be out of it’s usual routine
    • ⁃  Skipping like a child, noticing how good and freeing it feels (don’t worry about what others might think — just put a smile on your face and keep moving — better yet, invite them to join you)

This is being in the moment.

Now take this feeling and awareness into the rest of your day, whether you’re cooking, doing the laundry, driving in traffic, putting together a report for your boss, etc.

abstract_2008012903-1113int.epsMy experience with being in the present moment is that you have a much better, more enjoyable, and infinitely more productive day than you do on average. Why? I can’t say for sure, but here are my thoughts:

  1. You shut off the inner critic who’s constantly berating you for not doing or being something
  2. You feel more pleasure in the task so it moves along much more quickly
  3. You quit worrying about what was or what may be…

All of this give you more energy and allows you to experience more happiness.

Remember, when we are constantly focused on the past or future we are most often expending a lot of unnecessary physic energy fretting about what was or what will likely never come to pass.

Give yourself the gift of living in the moment. Allow yourself to experience the genuine happiness that comes along for the ride when you connect to the world around you.

This practice is especially useful to perform when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, down, or otherwise unsettled. During these times, do whatever it takes to be in the moment — moment, by moment, by moment — for In the present moment their is nothing you cannot handle.

You’ll find that when you spend a little time in the present moment, free from the overwhelming distractions your mind was focused on, that things will readily sort themselves out. You’ll feel immensely better, and Ideas and solutions will begin to flow with ease.

Remember, life is a journey and it happens in the now. So spend more time in the present moment to begin experiencing perpetual happiness.

To your eternal happiness.

Love and hugs, Michelle

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