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Create fast and dramatic results that last.

Revolutionize your life through one of our HEART Inspired LifeCoaching Programs. These programs are designed to quickly transform your life into a soul-fulfilling life you love by reconnecting you with your authentic self, clearing away the hidden obstacles, and putting you on your soul's path -- the path of inner and outer alignment.

When you align your outer world with the inner world of your heart and soul -- your most authentic self -- you will fall in love with yourself and your life. Loving yourself unleashes your true nature and potential, bringing forth the peace, joy, and abundance you deserve and desire.

​The HEART Inspired Life™ Coaching Programs are dynamic and in the moment. They activate the natural healer and creator in you, thereby empowering you by providing immediate and lasting results. Before you know it you will be back in the driver's seat of your life, emotionally free and living fully and authentically in alignment with your true nature. In this state you'll experience an unparalleled sense of connection, love, and prosperity.

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​Get ready to experience the life you've only dreamed of living.

Ready to create the life of your dreams? You're only a click away from the freedom you seek. Contact Michelle today to discover if one our HEART Inspired Life™ Coaching Programs is right for you. The 1-hour consultation is FREE.

Give yourself this gift. You know you deserve better than the life you're currently experiencing. Don't waste another minute, much less another year, feeling frustrated, demoralized, and unfulfilled. The solution you seek really is just one click away.

Here's a brief description of the what you can expect when you experience The HEART Inspired Life™ Coaching Programs:

Jumpstart My Heart-Inspired Life​ -- 7 Week Individual or Group Program

​This program is designed to quickly provide you with increased confidence and clarity about what you desire for your life, what's genuinely possible for your life, and what's stopping you from living your desired life.  You'll walk away with a and a personalized “HEART Inspired Life™” Implementation Plan detailing your most effective course of action for creating the life of your dreams.

Create My Soul-Fulfilling Life​ -- 1 Year Individual Program

​This program dives deep. It is designed to radically transform your life in just one short year. The core facets of this program include healing your wounded heart, meeting the real you, and expressing your heart's desires by being divinely you in all you do.

Within just one year you will never again be unsure about your direction in life or what you have to offer the world. You'll have super-charged confidence and self-worth. You'll know exactly who you are and the unique value you bring to the world. You'll feel more centered and connected. You'll find you are effortlessly attracting the right people and resources into your life. You'll be much more productive and successful, with much less effort. You'll be living more fully and authentically. You'll be routinely experiencing more meaning and fulfillment in all areas of your life.  And you'll be well on your way to living the life of your dreams -- a heart-inspired, soul-fulfilling life you love.

Contact Michelle now for your free consultation . Freedom really is just a click away.

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