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Michelle McCullar, is Founder and President of Women’s Wholeness Connection, Inc., a personal growth and transformation organization dedicated to healing women’s lives and creating fulfilling realities. She is a distinguished author, speaker, trainer and personal empowerment coach. She holds special certifications and licenses, such as being a Heart Virtues Expert and Divine Coordinates Coach. Commonly referred to as “The Heart Whisperer”, Michelle is recognized for her ability to intimately connect her clients with their truest self, as well as her ability to help them recognize and act upon their hidden gifts and personal genius in a way that is personally meaningful and fulfilling.

heart rocks in hand croppedHolding both a Masters and Bachelors degree from Texas A&M University, Michelle initially began her career as an engineer (the proverbial “Rocket Scientist”) for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). During her tenure with JPL she found herself continually yearning for some elusive “thing” to fill a deep and cavernous hole; a hole which she later discovered was the result of living an incomplete and inauthentic life that emanated from the effects of a childhood fraught with excessive trauma and abuse. This elusive yearning led to a a life-long study of human potential, behavior and suffering as a means to heal herself from the effects of the childhood induced demons that continually haunted and prevented her from leading the whole and fulfilling life for which she longed.

Today, after more than 20 years of study and personal discovery, Michelle has made it her mission to apply the wisdom of her experiences and discoveries such that it lights the way for others to heal and lead the whole, empowered and fulfilling lives they desire. She believes her greatest accomplishment is having learned to listen to the wisdom of her heart and find her bliss.

Happy Woman for sliderMichelle wants you to know that you too can find your bliss. You can find JOY again. You can LOVE yourself again. And, you can LIVE a meaningful and fulfilling life. Not only CAN you, but with the right tools, support and conviction, YOU WILL!

Michelle lives in southern California, where much of her time is devoted to writing, speaking, and holding women’s empowerment workshops. She enjoys traveling the world, exploring the great outdoors, and getting to know and understand people from all walks of life and cultures. She is also an avid hiker, photographer, and dry-media artist.

To begin your own personal journey, employ Michelle for speaking engagements,  group training events or personal coaching.  Get started today, because living the life of your dreams just can’t wait any longer.

Also check out her new book “Women Overcoming Demons: a 9-Step Program to Become Whole Again” released in July 2013. It is a celebration of life that will make you believe in you and your dreams, giving you the conviction you need to heal and make your dreams a reality.

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